Pricing Policy

  • All the pricing for shoes is in pairs.
  • Before the pick-up, our service team will try our best to offer you a realistic approximate quotation based on the information and images provided by the users. There may be scenarios where there is additional damage or work discovered in the shoes once they reach our workshop. In such a scenario, Our team will share images of any such observation and if possible, offer you the solution to fix it.
  • Speed service charges may vary depending on the feasibility of the service in your area.
  • Item quantity in an order cannot be modified by the customer after booking the service. Discounts are subject to the quantity of items booked in a single order. 
  • Futstep reserves the right to modify discounts, service charges and shipping charges if there are any modifications in an order by the customer after the order is booked. 
  • Futstep reserves the right to modify speed service charges or deny any speed service request at any point of contact.
  • In case of any service delivery that the user feels is not up to their expectation or is delayed, Futstep won’t be held liable to refund or compensate any amount whatsoever. Futstep reserves the right to process refunds in exceptional cases. 
  • Futstep will be responsible for the ready items only till 30 days from the delivery date. Beyond this period, no claim of items will be entertained. Futstep holds the right to discard the shoes and recover any pending bills by selling or auctioning the items.
  • We request users collect or receive their ready items within 7 days from the delivery date. We levy delay charges of Rs 100/- per pair of shoes for every 10 days delayed post 7 days of the delivery date.